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HOMESTAY TIP: Halloween for international students

Happy Halloween everybody! Especially students who’s first Halloween experience this is! 

Here are some quick, easy and inexpensive ideas for homestay families who want to make Halloween fun for international students!

Don’t all students already know about Halloween?

Of course, as the world gets smaller halloween is becoming more commercialised and the festivities are spreading across the globe.  However, it may still be new to many visiting students.

Halloween usually falls during the school’s October half-term holiday.  The first half term of the year is when most students remain in the UK and live in homestay, rather than returning home.  Therefore, it is often the student’s first experience in homestay, as well as their first experience of halloween!

This can be a very strange festival if it’s the student’s first Halloween experience.  The concept of dressing up (especially as monsters), visiting strangers houses and asking for a trick or a treat, and celebrating what appears to be a scary event, can all be very odd but very exciting if introduced properly.

Prepare international students for Halloween

Even if the students are not actively partaking in a costume party or trick or treating, for most homestay families there will be trick or treaters knocking on your door.

To prepare students for this busy night or few nights, a quick explanation from you about halloween and what they can expect will help them adjust to the numerous knocks and monsters at the door!   Younger students and religious students may be particularly wary of the night.

To help them get into the ‘spirit’ of things, let them join in the fun if they want to! Quick, fun and inexpensive ways could include:

  • They can help answer the door (even if it’s to say there are no tricks or treats)
  • They could help give our sweets if you’re doing this
  • No trick or treaters visiting you?  Walk through a nearby neighbourhood whilst trick or treaters are around, so they can still soak in the atmosphere
  • Carve a pumpkin together
  • If there is an opportunity to dress up, for very last minute inexpensive costumes, try:
    • Wrapping them in toilet roll to look like an Egyptian Mummy
    • Or another classic – use an old white sheet with two eye holes to be a ghost! ?

Make it memorable

The Halloween experience can be a real treat for international students no matter their age (post graduate students too!), and will be a fond memory for them to take home.

Trick or treating around elderly people’s homes and communities of older people goes one step further by putting a smile on the faces of people who often miss out interacting with the younger community.  Happy students and a happy community!

Want some more help?

We’re here to help you with any issues your student or your family faces whilst hosting.  If you’d like us to speak to your student, or you’d like some more suggestions for how to make this occasion enjoyable for international students, just get in touch.

Of course, Study Links are always available 24/7 for any emergency.


Happy Halloween! ?

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