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Agent familiarisation (FAM) trips

Agent familiarisation trips (also known as ‘FAM trips’) are a cost and time effective way for agents to visit a number of schools, colleges or universities in a particular region. FAM trips usually last for 5 days with 10-15 delegates from various countries. Our FAM trips are extremely well organised so that agents have the opportunity to visit as many institutions as possible, whilst also taking in the sights and attractions of the region in which they are staying.

The uniqueness of Study Links’ FAM trips is that agents get the chance to experience each institution in depth. The institutions also benefit from FAM trips as agents get a lot more out of a visit than a website. Agents can ask questions, taste the lunch or dinner options that students would experience, meet the students, get involved in lessons and just generally take in every little detail. They find out exactly what makes each institution special so that they can match each student to the most appropriate institution when recommending to clients.

Study Links are very experienced in organising agent familiarisation trips. For the past 5 years, we have run the York Boarding Schools Group FAM trip in partnership with Pathways Educational Services. We have also run a ‘North of England’ fam trip which covered the northern counties of County Durham, Cumbria, Lancashire and Yorkshire.

From the moment we meet until the moment we say goodbye the agents are our esteemed guests. We arrange all travel and accommodation as well as the majority of meals and sight-seeing activities for the duration of the trip. All we ask for is their company and a smile.

Many lasting relationships have been built between agents and institutions as a result of the FAM trips, and we get many requests from agents wishing to attend future FAM trips.

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If you are an agent or institution and would like to be part of a FAM trip in the future, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

If you are an agent or institution who has very specific needs for a familiarisation visit and would like us to arrange a private familiarisation tour to suit your needs, please send us your requirements and we can arrange a bespoke visit for you.

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