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Study Links have over 20 years of experience placing students with suitable homestays, and a team dedicated to organising homestay bookings. To find out what it is like to be a homestay, click here.

As a homestay, you will get to know the Study Links Homestay & Transport Organiser for your area very well. Our homestay team ensures that homestays and students are only placed together if we truly believe both parties will be happy with the match.   We also organise social activities for families, such as our annual homestay BBQ, to create a homestay community and allow people to share their experiences

Working with Study Links

Bookings are based on:

  • Student preferences
  • Homestay preferences
  • Feedback from students and homestays after every homestay placement
  • Our team’s experience and training

Because of our many years of experience, our student-homestay matches are usually right the first time. Of course, if the student or homestay do not feel comfortable with the match, your Homestay & Transport Organiser is at hand to provide the help you need.

Homestay Application Process

Our team will:

  • Process your initial enquiry and application
  • Interview you and carry out an inspection of your home
    • The interview consists of family lifestyle, family members, preferences, pets, capacity, availability, and guidelines. We also run DBS checks on all household members that are 16 years and above
    • When visiting you for the first time (or re-visiting you) we will look at aspects such as overall cleanliness and safety, location, transport links, and accommodation, to verify that the home meets our high standards


How to register as a Study Links homestay?

Please complete the short form below to start your homestay registration.

  • Responsible Adult #1

    Please provide the details of the main person we should contact during the registration process.

  • Responsible Adult #2 (if applicable)

    Please provide the details of the additional responsible adult for our records.



 Working with us— Homestay 1000w



How does Study Links match students with homestays?

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What happens if the student is not right for me?

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How much allowance will I get?

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