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5 Top Tips before you fly!

1) Pack smart

Remember to bring an additional phone battery in case you get lost and need to call people on arrival.  Bring UK compatible adaptors for electronics, any necessary medication in their original packaging, and warm clothing for winter (plus an umbrella!) which comes earlier than you might think in the UK.

2) Only bring essential cash

There is always a small risk of cash getting lost or stolen. Once you have arrived in the UK, we can assist you to apply for a UK bank account, which will be a much more secure way to access your money.

3) Be prepared for UK immigration

Make sure you have important telephone numbers (Study Links emergency number, driver telephone, school/university number) in case immigration need to confirm who you are.  A (temporary) international sim card may be useful for making calls.

Pack your important documents into hand luggage: school/university confirmation letter, guardianship confirmation letter, photocopy of passport/visa.  This should all be secure and at hand in preparation for arrival/entering border control.

Keep your boarding pass with luggage barcode, in case you lose your luggage.

4) Don’t worry

People in the UK are very welcoming to international students and are always willing to help. If you forget one or 2 items, these can always be bought at a later stage in the UK.  We would be more than happy to help buy anything you need.

5) Already arrived?

Be sure to keep your passport and other travel documents in a safe & secure place, and only take them out when absolutely necessary. We can always help you replace your passport or other documents if you lose them, but it’s always best to avoid the situation in the first place as replacements can sometimes be a slow process.

Study Links wish you a safe journey, and look forward to welcoming you to the UK!

If you still need to arrange guardianship or airport collection for arrival,
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