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Mary-Jess Leaverland采访

Mary-Jess是Ailie Fan的一名…

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Independent / private school

At Study Links, we pride ourselves on assisting international students during their time in the UK.

Our team are highly experienced in th…

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UK education system

The UK education system has a reputation for being the best. The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) recognises independent day schools and boardi…

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About Study Links

Study Links is a guardianship service provider and placement organisation. We act as guardian to international students studying in the UK, arranging accommodation w…

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A guardian is a person who has been chosen by a student’s parents to provide pastoral and academic care, ensuring the well-being and safety of the student whil…

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Meet the Study Links team

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Applying for guardianship

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How to apply and pay for guardianship

An application for Study Links Guardianship is very quick.

We can confirm guardianship within one working day if you send all the rig…

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Latest news

Musical activities, songs and games during COVID-19 isolation

Jenna Fan, daughter-in-law of Founder Angela Fan and sister-in-law of Managing Director Ailie Fan, is a musician, piano teacher and […]

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As the calendar year comes to a close, we round up the year with a big thank you to all […]

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What’s happened? It has been an interesting week in the UK and Study Links whilst we battle with the effects […]

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我地係緊急情況下為D學生提供支持。 通過現實生活中噶例子,您可以睇到我們系所有情況下都為我地噶學生提供服務同埋支持。   Sam多次胃痛,我們协调学校医生诊治他。 晚上9点几学习链接紧急热线响起,我們被告知Sam被送到当地噶医院救治。 医生要求一名成年人当晚陪同Sam。我們噶学生服务主管即刻赶到医院探望学生。 Sam系医院噶每一日, 我們一直有员工随时陪伴,以确保他得到好好噶照顾并提供相应噶支持,同父母保持沟通,更新他噶情况。 Sam住院三天后出院。我們仲确保得到准确噶医院诊断信息,并定期同家长,Sam, 學校更新信息。 我們安排佐一个合适噶寄宿家庭照顾他,直到他可以返翻学校。我們联系司機送Sam翻学校。 你係咪選擇緊監護人咧? 距地可以做到了解監護人噶角色同埋責任,並隨時準備好介入緊急醫療同埋其他緊急情況咩? 如果你對監護人噶緊急情況處理有任何疑問,為佐安心,請選擇一個專業噶監護人,譬如Study Links, 我地有21年噶經驗,係可靠同負責任D。

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