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TOP 5 Reasons To Choose A UK Boarding School

1) First-Class Education

Many UK boarding schools have not only decades but often hundreds of years’ experience offering a first-class education to their students.

The continued success of boarding schools is due in no small part to their excellent standards of education and high exam success rates.

Boarding schools also provide intensive support to each student’s individual needs, for example with extra English as an Additional Language teaching, or IGCSEs instead of GCSEs.

Moreover, each school has its own ethos, meaning parents can choose the school that best fits their own values.

2) Round the clock support

Study Links is here 24/7 for any support that your child may need during their time in the UK.

At the same time, boarding schools offer a dedicated team of staff on hand at all times to provide immediate support for anything that your child may need, as well as guarantee their safety.

Houseparents and students come to form close bonds, and students thrive with the added level of both academic & pastoral support.

3) Character-building environment

Boarding schools allow international students to interact with their local peers, as well as students from other nationalities across the world, on a daily basis both during and after class.

This environment allows students to not only improve their language and knowledge of British culture, but also greatly improve their social skills.

Boarding schools also work hard to foster independence and problem-solving skills in students, which they benefit from well into the future.

4) Activities & Facilities

Boarding schools place great importance on each student’s personal, as well as academic, development, and offer a fantastic range of activities to suit their students’ needs.

Students will always have an opportunity to do the things they love and try things they may have an interest in.

5) Life-long Friendships/Networks

As students build such strong friendships in the boarding environment, these friendships often continue through adulthood.  Boarding students often rely on these close bonds and networks throughout their life.

In addition, boarding schools actively continue to engage with their parent and alumni network to provide fantastic opportunities and networks for students.


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