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City centre homestay and what to expect…

The number of students living in city centres is growing at a vast rate; with increasing number of domestic students attending universities, as well as a significant number of students also attending various colleges such as Music Colleges, Art Colleges, and Dance Colleges.  In addition, overseas students come to the UK to study in our Language Schools, universities, colleges and private schools.


There are many things to think about when studying in the UK, and one of the most important is your living accommodation.


Depending on which institution you study at there can be a variety of accommodation options available to you. Below are the most popular options for you to consider:

  • Homestay – this is a very different experience as staying with a host family means you are living in their family home and learning to be within a British family and to fully immerse yourself in British culture. Homestays can live in more rural areas, but often have good public transport access to your school, college or university.
  • Halls of Residence – this can be in special student areas usually arranged by the university.  The rent is cheaper the further from the centre you choose.  They usually arrange flat-share style accommodation and have lots of facilities such as a gym, cafeteria, and common room.
  • Private rented accommodation – private rented accommodation for students are often situated around shops, supermarkets, pubs, leisure centres, and parks.  You can live on your own or with other students.  The location is up to you.  Most students choose to live in areas with other students.  There are some very central options, or if you are happy to travel then many students now prefer to live a little bit further out of the centre in a slightly more rural area as it can feel safer and be more affordable.


Study Links arrange homestay accommodation.

When looking at city centre homestay living, you must decide what your needs are, and in what priority. For example is it more important that your homestay lives close to your school, or more important to have a family who can cater for your dietary requirements?


Most city centres have excellent bus routes to homestay families so it’s often more beneficial to choose the right homestay, and be prepared to travel to school/the city when you need to.  Make sure you build travel costs into your budget though!


Usually the homestays in the city centre have smaller houses and the local area is not usually as clean as rural areas.  This is the same in most cities.  Some city centre homestays charge extra for their premium location too.


Living with a homestay family is very popular so book your accommodation in plenty of time.   Do not leave it too late because somebody else may book to live with your perfect homestay family!


If you would like help arranging homestay accommodation, get in touch at [email protected]

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