State schools

Government funded state schools in the UK are run by Local Education Authorities (LEAs) with standards maintained and regulated by the Office for Standards in Education (OFSTED). There are many excellent state schools in the UK, but the competition for entry is high., Brad Flickinger

In England and Wales, most state schools are obliged to follow the National Curriculum which is divided into 4 Key Stages:

Key Stages 1-4 are obligatory, after Key Stage 4 (GCSEs) students can choose to take A Levels, either at school (if available) or at a Sixth Form or Further Education College.

There are some state schools in the UK which accept small numbers of international students wishing to study in the UK if they have UK or EU passports.

Due to high domestic competition for entry, such international students generally cannot compete for the top ranking schools as domestic students in the local vicinity always take priority. However, international students studying at any level of state school benefit from a deep integration into UK life and education.

If you would like assistance with your applications to state schools in the UK, Study Links offer a state school guardianship and application package.

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Send your application to [email protected]. Don’t forget to include scanned copies of your passport, school reports and any other certificates (optional)!



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This map shows the majority of state schools that we work with in the UK…

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