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Covid-19 impact on international students in the UK

As we continue to support students from all corners of the world, we can see how this pandemic is truly having a devastating global impact. We are fortunate that our students and their families are safe and well, especially those who battled with Covid-19.

It gives us real confidence for the future that our students, the next generation of thinkers and leaders, are remaining so resilient and positive throughout these unprecedented times.

Many of our students and parents have been in touch expressing their thanks for support they’ve received from Study Links, and sharing their experiences during Covid-19. So, the next few posts are a few of their stories, from them to you..

Dante – supported through 5 weeks in hospital

Hello everyone, Dante returned to Hong Kong from the UK and on arrival tested positive for COVID-19. He was isolated and observed in the hospital. It’s already been 4 weeks since he’s been home after his final test was negative. He now has no symptoms and is in good health. During his stay in the hospital, Study Links often gave him information, greetings and comforted him, gave him positive energy, and encouraged him to participate in the school’s online learning. We are very good with our family now, thank you very much! Dante’s Mum

Tina – a helping hand provided when most needed

During the epidemic period, I was given a lot of help from Study Links. The arrangement of going to the host family, food, accommodation, etc. was well arranged! After arriving in China, Study Links have been in touch about how I’m doing, and helping me how to study online, etc. thank you! – Tina

Tom – finding solutions to the challenges of remote studying

Tom flew home to China with his mother at the end of March. Unfortunately, a person who sat in front of them tested positive for COVID-19. As a result, they needed to quarantine in separate hotel rooms upon arrival for 14 days Tom’s Study Links Student Mentor contacted him and his mother frequently to check how they were doing and provide some companionship from afar. In the second week of quarantine, school’s term 3 began for Tom. Unfortunately Tom couldn’t access the remote lessons due to the hotel’s poor Wi-Fi signal, so Study Links assisted by liaising between school and Tom to ensure he had the necessary resources to continue his studies uninterrupted. The family sent their appreciated for the care we provided. Tom and his mother are now safe and well at home.

Ramona – supported to remain safe and well in the UK

Ramona is one of the minority of international students who chose to stay in the UK during lockdown rather than returning home. Ramona’s family made this decision as they were concerned about the heightened risk of travelling internationally during a worldwide pandemic. When the lockdown first started, we wanted to ensure that Ramona didn’t feel isolated in the UK particularly as most of her school friends had returned home, therefore Ramona’s Study Links Student Mentor contacted her frequently to provide regular support and advice. As we were all experiencing the same lockdown restrictions, we shared our first-hand advice about ways to remain positive and keep safe through the pandemic, e.g. sharing supermarket delivery information, oriental supermarket information so she could still get a taste of home, home country embassy updates to monitor chartered flight availability, providing reliable updated information about COVID-19 to avoid unnecessary alarm, etc. Ramona is now settled into the lockdown routine and has adapted well to the remote learning and completing her school’s homework which she is enjoying as it keeps her mind occupied.

Ramona’s mum has been attending Study Links’ online support sessions and has mentioned that she is very pleased that Ramona is learning to be more independent through this experience, she receives a picture of what Ramona has cooked every night!

If you need an experienced guardian to support your family during these uncertain times, Study Links are here for you.

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