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Day to Day Things You Can Do to Be Happier

Last week we looked at some definitions of different types of happiness and how they offer us short, medium and long-term fulfillment and contentment.   We defined the three main types of happiness as being related to Pleasure, Passion, and Purpose.

Today we are focussing on pleasure: how we can do small things on a day to day basis to try and ensure we are happy and satisfied in life.


Enjoy the Small Things in Life:  Many say that it’s the little things in life that really make a difference, and they are right!  Although you are probably busy with school work and extra-curricular activities it’s very important that you take time out at a few points during your day to enjoy the little pleasures in life.

What is equally important is that you are fully ‘present’ in these moments; that means really relaxing and enjoying that cup of tea without worrying about up-coming midterms, and not dividing your attention between your friends and your phone when you meet.


Having a Full and Varied Week:  Get involved with a variety of activities and events to ensure you don’t feel bored and fed-up with your weekly routine.  Taking part in after-school projects, clubs and activities will make you feel happy as you make accomplishments in a variety of ways; whether it is after scoring a goal in your last football match or finishing an art project that you have been working on for weeks.

Being involved in activities you are passionate about is also a great way to meet likeminded people and develop a varied and interesting group of friends.  Of course, this is also beneficial for your happiness levels as humans are social beings and require regular meaningful contact with people.


Live in the Moment but Plan for the Future:  As we identified earlier it’s important to be present in whatever you are doing to appreciate it and be truly happy.  Being overly worried about the past, present or future is a pointless exercise however that doesn’t mean it’s wrong to start to think about what your purpose is and you want to do with your life.

Think about the sort of future and career that would give you a deep sense of satisfaction and happiness and then think about how you would go about achieving this ideal future.  Break the journey down into small manageable steps which will give you satisfaction as you complete them.


Eat, Rest and Chill Out:  Maintaining an active and happy life isn’t all about filling your day by doing the things you enjoy or working towards your dream future.  Eat a healthy diet including plenty of fruit and vegetables and get at least eight hours of quality rest a night to ensure that you don’t feel worn out and down.

Furthermore don’t feel guilty if you need to spend a little time every week chilling out.  Sometimes the best thing for us to clear our heads is to play that video game, have some quiet alone time, or chill out with a movie.


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