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End of year thanks

To the Study Links community,


Today marks the end of the guardianship year for our students and their parents. What an interesting year it has been, dominated by Covid-19 for two out of three terms.

Study Links are fortunate to have been able to deliver our guardianship service through the year, uninterrupted. We could not have managed this without everybody we have the pleasure of working with.


A special message to each of you:

⭐️STUDENTS: Well done for your resilience! You continue to inspire us.

⭐️PARENTS: Thank you for your continued trust in Study Links to deliver our guardianship support

⭐️SCHOOLS: Thank you for collaborating with us to find effective solutions for each students’ unique situation

⭐️AGENTS: Thank you for recognising the value of our hard work and helping families understand its importance too. You work tirelessly in the best interests of your clients and it is a pleasure to work with you.

⭐️HOMESTAYS: Thank you for your willingness to keep your homes and hearts open to our international students in their time of need.

⭐️TRANSPORT PARTNERS: Thank you for always providing a safe environment for our students to travel.

⭐️ALL OTHER PARTNERS: Thank you for your unwavering support to Study Links and our students.

⭐️STUDY LINKS TEAM: Thank you for continuing to be brilliant people. You rise to every challenge without complaint and work together to see our students succeed and find happiness.


As one guardianship year comes to an end, another immediately begins. Before the academic year starts, in August we will continue to enrol new students for guardianship, in 2 weeks we will start welcoming students into the UK who need quarantining before school begins, and exam results are around the corner too.

We’ll take the weekend to breathe, and we’ll see you on Monday! Unless of course you’ve got an emergency then we’ll speak to you over the weekend on our emergency phone!

Love, thanks, and best wishes,

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