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New Student Integration Workshop


Our team put the extra effort in to making sure that students are comfortable and confident whilst studying in the UK.  One example is our Student Skills/Integration workshop.

Integration Workshop

Integration Workshop begins

Starting a new life in the UK can be a daunting experience and students can benefit from expert advice to have confidence about study abroad.  Therefore, students can now join Study Links’s two day Integration Workshop training programme and learn how to successfully integrate into school, homestay families and British life in general.

The Integration Workshop is designed to teach you:

  • Practical Skills: Understand British currency/public transport/ and what to do in an emergency.
  • School Life: What to expect on your first day of school and secrets to academic success.
  • Etiquette: How to be polite at school and your homestay.  What to say and what NOT to say.  Making friends and how to fit in with your new homestay.
  • Food: Eat a typical British breakfast and evening meal.  How to order at a British restaurant.  Try British classics like Fish and Chips and a Roast Beef Dinner.
  • Homestay: Experience a night living with a homestay and enjoy British family life.
  • Shopping: Learn to buy everything you need for your first day at your new school.

The best things about this Integration Workshop?

  • Ask trained staff members about anything you like, to help with living and studying in the UK.
  • Receive expert advice from trained teachers
  • Be surprised! Learn about things you didn’t even know to ask about! With 20 years guardianship experience, we answer the questions you don’t even ask.
  • Gain practical skills so you’re fully prepared, taught in locations such as homestays, public transport and restaurants.
Fish & Chips

Trying Fish & Chips for the first time!

With our help, you can start your new school with confidence and a smile!

Study Links regularly run a Student Skills / Integration Workshop for students beginning to study in the UK.  Contact us if you want to book in to the next workshop – spaces can be limited.

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