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Gabi joins the team – read about her Study Links journey so far

Gabi has joined the Study Links family and after a few months of getting to know the team and the role, she has written this short article about her experience…

“When Covid-19 lockdown started, my previous position was made redundant. It was not a good start of the year at all. As the times were uncertain, I could not find a new job for months. I thought that ‘I cannot sit on the sofa and watch Netflix all the time, I must change something. To achieve success, I must challenge myself.’ I initiated a project: ‘Me, Myself, and I’- which was about starting a healthy lifestyle, discovering motivation groups, introducing my body to sports and my mind to yoga. Months were passing, the situation in the world was getting worse but I had changed both physically and mentally. I was determined to be a highly motivated person, even if the whole world seemed to be against me because of Covid-19. This lockdown period taught me to think positively and believe that with hard work I can achieve the impossible!

When I first saw the job advert from Study Links, I thought ‘It’s my dream job, I would love to do it‘.  I contacted Dianne- Lead Operations – and that’s how hiring process has begun.  Understandably it was a bit stressful, as the hiring process had a few stages including a work trial. However, this gave me an idea of what I could expect and with every minute of my work- trial I was more and more excited!

I am based in Bournemouth, Dorset – miles away from the Head Office in Bradford, so working remotely was and is a new thing to me. I must be highly organised and focused to complete given me tasks.

I was working within the Language School industry in Bournemouth, where I was helping students and parents to adapt to new environments and situations.  My mission was to make sure that everything goes smoothly and our younger and older learners will then experience an amazing time in England! I believe there is always solution to any situation we are presented with.

When Dianne called me and offered me the position of Operation Coordinator – for a second, I was the happiest person in the world. Within a couple of weeks I received my laptop with small surprise inside too, a Welcome card from the Team. This card meant a lot to me. I knew then that I would meet wonderful people during my first day and I was not nervous about it anymore.

Since starting the job at Study Links, it has already taken my career further and I am learning many new aspects about the British Education System and the importance of Guardianship. During my first week I met kind-hearted, hardworking, friendly, and polite people, happy to help wherever they could and I felt like part of the Study Links Family.

My adventure just begun with Study Links and I am excited what another day will bring!

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