A guardian is a person who has been chosen by a student’s parents to provide pastoral and academic care, ensuring the well-being and safety of the student whilst they are studying in the UK. A guardian acts on behalf of parents at such times as is reasonably required.

The UK Border Agency as well as UK boarding Schools require every student under the age of 16 to have an educational guardian resident in the UK. The requirement for a guardian above 16 is usually a school requirement. The guardian is responsible for you during term time and school holidays in the UK, acting on behalf of parents.

Although families sometimes have family or friends in the UK, they usually employ a professional guardianship company, such as Study Links, to act as guardian.

A professional guardianship company such as Study Links is generally a school’s preferred choice of guardian due to the expertise offered, 24/7 availability, experience, and trusted reliability.

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The role of the guardian

Study Links’ primary role is to be your childs’ emergency contact, reliable and reachable whenever necessary. As you are not in the UK, it can be difficult for schools to communicate with you. The schools needs somebody in the country who is available to act on your parents’ behalf – someone who you can trust to represent you.

All staff at schools take safety very seriously. Schools need to know where your child is at all times under visa regulations. This is easy to monitor during term time when they are living in school accommodation, however schools rely on accurate information provided by Study Links when it comes to school holiday accommodation.

During holidays Study Links ensure that your child has a safe and comfortable homestay to stay with. This can either be in their own home or with a carefully selected homestay. Study Links’ responsibilities during school holidays include providing a welcoming homestay, ensuring your child’s physical and emotional health and protecting you from danger and harm.

Study Links can also assist your child in other ways, for example accompanying them to visa renewal meetings, assisting with lost passports, taking them shopping or for haircuts and visits to the dentist. The list of responsibilities that a good guardian takes on is endless! With Study Links, anything your child needs help with whilst in the UK is accommodated.

 Why do you need a guardian?

No matter how caring a school is, you will need the attention and support of a trusted guardian who is not directly involved in school activities and who has a trusting relationship with your family.

As well as looking after your child during school holidays and in emergencies, we provide a greater level of care by attending parents’ evenings and other functions such as art exhibitions and sports day on your behalf. We also provide pastoral care and support in times of trouble.

Whilst our day-to-day activities involve your child’s academic and pastoral care, our overarching role is to facilitate contact between you, your child, the school and, if you have one, the educational agent. Study Links keeps close contact with all parties, ensuring a harmonious relationship for the benefit of your child’s education and well-being.




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