About Study Links guardianship

The Study Links team know that the students in our care will achieve their highest potential because we educate and encourage them in the same way that we would our own children. It is through the development of a positive and open relationship that we keep students motivated. In this way, they feel able to call upon us for advice, guidance and support whenever they need to.

We understand it is a worry and a difficult decision to entrust your child to others as they leave your care to go to another part of the world. We value the faith and trust you put in us when you place responsibility for your child with us. This is why we keep you fully informed of all aspects of your children’s lives whilst under our guardianship. We believe in this partnership, and that good, clear communication is crucial between parents and Study Links.

Find out more about the emergency, academic and pastoral care involved in Study Links guardianship as well as homestay and transport.

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What makes Study Links unique?

We speak 7 languages

The Study Links team speak English, Cantonese, Mandarin, French, German & Spanish fluently. Being able to speak these other languages means that we can converse directly with parents who are not comfortable speaking English. It also means that we can translate school reports and other important documents if required.

We understand what it is like to both come to a foreign country to live and study, and also to be a parent whose children are studying in a foreign country

As well as being experienced guardians, Study Links’ founders, Angela and Eric Fan, have direct experience of the same situations which our students and parents find themselves in. Read our full story here. Members of the Study Links team have also experienced studying in different countries and lived in homestays. We have team members who have come from Russia and China who completed their education in the UK and have decided to remain and work here.

This unique perspective means that the Study Links team are particularly empathetic towards parent and student concerns and understand how crucial regular, clear contact is.

We cover all of the UK

The Study Links team cover all of the UK. Although our head office is in Bradford, West Yorkshire, we have staff based throughout the UK. Using local representatives, this reduces staff travel and time expenses meaning our fees can be competitive. But most importantly, in an emergency we always have staff who are close, and are familiar with the local school and area.

We are very experienced as guardian

Study Links has 22 years’ experience of being guardian to international students. Read our full story here. Because we have had so much experience, even on rare occasions when there have been very difficult situations to deal with, we have always been well prepared and able to react appropriately. We are very proud of how quickly and how well we react in an emergency.

We take full responsibility for children under our care while they are in the UK. We take seriously our role as facilitators, helping children to reach their potential. We are able to confront challenges such as underachievement or behavioural problems in a sensitive and helpful way, with no loss of face or trust.

We have never found a situation that cannot be resolved.

We have built strong relationships with the Schools and Universities that we work with

We have forged very strong links with institutions across the UK since we began in 1998. The institutions that we work with know that they can trust us to make careful, safe arrangements for students. They know that we will take excellent care of their students, and that they do not need to worry or be on call during the holidays.

Schools often come to us for advice and support if another guardian is failing one of their students. We are always happy to help because taking care of students in an emergency is what we do best.

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Student university destinations

Over the years Study Links International has witnessed hundreds of students move on to Higher Education at many excellent UK and international universities. Many of our Study Links alumni keep in touch. Read all about our alumni student Dominic here.

Listed below are some of the universities Study Links students have attended:

Imperial College London

King’s College London

London School of Economics

University College London

University of Bath

University of Birmingham

University of Bristol

University of Cambridge

University of Durham

University of Edinburgh

University of Lancaster

University of Leeds

University of Leicester

University of Liverpool

University of Loughborough

University of Manchester

University of Nottingham

University of Oxford

University of Sheffield

University of Southampton

University of Warwick

University of York

Who is the guardian?

Study Links’ Founder, Angela Fan is the official guardian to all students under Study Links care. Not all companies do this – some assign homestays, local co-ordinators or other office-based staff, but we see enormous benefits to the Founder acting as guardian:

Study Links staff are highly trained in their specific role. However, they are not trained to handle the full responsibilities required of a guardian. We believe it is better to have specialists in certain areas, to offer a higher quality of service.

Also, should any members of the team leave the company, there is no paper-work required in changing the official guardian (e.g. for visa, school, etc)

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