In our experience, we have found that parents consider their child’s academic progress to be of the utmost importance, and for this reason it is also one of our key concerns here at Study Links.As part of our guardianship, we monitor your academic progress by keeping in close contact with your school so that any concerns are discussed with you and your parents as soon as they arise.

Our priority is ensuring that you are achieving your maximum potential. As well as liaising with school, we contact you regularly to ask how you are doing, if you are worried about your exams or whether there is anything that you need us to support you in. We also attend Parents’ Evenings where we talk to your teachers about your progress in the subjects that you are studying. We discuss ways you can improve: perhaps you need to work harder, take an English course over the school holiday or do extra exercises in your free time. After the Parents’ Evening we write a full report which we send to your parents. We will then follow up any particular concerns with you and your school.

Our team strive to motivate you, encourage you to achieve all you can and nurture your talents and interests. As well as parent’s evenings, we will also attend important events in your education such as sports days, graduation ceremonies and art exhibitions.

If required, we can give your advice and support on which subjects to choose and what to study at university. If you are underachieving and need to change schools, we will work with you and your family to find a new, suitable school where you will flourish.

We are dedicated to supporting your academic development. Read more about applications  here.

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