Here at Study Links we have cared for hundreds of students over the years, and so have experience dealing with many common problems.

Sometimes when students first arrive in the UK they feel alone and assume that they are the only student to ever encounter a particular problem. This is almost never the case.

Our staff are all trained to work with students and parents to deal with these problems pragmatically and sensitively, ensuring the best solution for all concerned is reached.

You and your parents can contact us at any time of day, or night in an emergency. There are many ways that you can contact us: email, phone, WeChat, Whatsapp, Skype, text. You can use whichever means you find most convenient.

As well as more common problems, Study Links also has experience dealing with more severe or rare problems, for example serious physical or mental illness, injury, bereavement, a lost child and self-harm.

We always respond quickly in an emergency and we will work with you, your parents and your schools to find the best solution for you. Every emergency has been dealt with individually, and our course of action always depends on the specific details of the case, as well as the personality of the child in question. Regardless of the problem, we always maintain contact with parents throughout, as we appreciate that there is nothing worse than being far away from your child when they are in distress.

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