At Study Links, we take the role of selecting homestay families very seriously. We understand the effect a good homestay family can have on your experience of living and studying in the UK. A good homestay family is crucial in terms of encouraging you to speak English, introducing you to the culture and giving you a ‘family’ in the UK. Our aim at Study Links is to place you in the most appropriate homestay for you, where you will thrive, so you can stay there for the rest of your time in the UK.

What role the homestay family plays

A homestay’s role goes beyond just providing meals and safe accommodation during the periods when school closes.

The relationships formed during this time can be very strong, and students often keep in touch with their homestay family long after they have returned home, some have even invited their homestay to their weddings many years later.

The homestay provides a safe environment for you to learn about the culture of the UK. The homestay will introduce you to common British activities, such as BBQs in the summer, walks in the spring, and bonfires and Halloween in the autumn. Staying with a homestay is a great opportunity for you to experience a wide range of activities that you may not have at home or at school.

Over the course of daily life with your homestay, you have the chance to improve your spoken English away from an academic setting. This provides a less pressured environment in which you may feel more comfortable making mistakes, and thus you will be able to learn from them.

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How we allocate homestay

Homestay will be allocated according to your priority preferences. Study Links will try to place you with the same homestay each holiday (unless either party requests otherwise), but this cannot be guaranteed.

How much does homestay cost?

The Homestay Accommodation fee is £45 per day for 2020/21. If day-time only homestay is required, the fee is 50% of the night rate.

What if you don’t need this service?

Homestay accommodation is automatically arranged for all compulsory half-term holidays and leave weekends (absit/exeat). If you know in advance that you will not need homestay for a particular holiday or exeat weekend, let us know when at the start of the year before we invoice you. If you are registering for guardianship, you can fill this in on your application form.

If you need to cancel homestay, you must do so during or before the first week of each term. There will be no refund of the Homestay fee if a cancellation is made after this time, or if you later choose not to use the homestay for part of their stay.

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