If academic and emergency support isn’t enough for a student, we can provide additional pastoral care in the form of a bespoke service, tailored to meet the individual requirements of a child and family. This is our Elite Guardianship package.

Elite Guardianship

Under Elite Guardianship we treat students to extra attention and visits. This is a specialist personal service which we recommend for children who are younger, or thrive with extra support and attention. Many parents also choose Elite Guardianship because they want the very best care for their child.

We hold small parties for Elite Guardianship students at our Director’s house in Yorkshire. These are opportunities to meet with other Study Links students, and the team that look after them, in a social setting. We find these events to be beneficial for all students involved and most students ask to attend other events in the future.

What it costs

Cost can be found here.

How Study Links student Mentors provide pastoral care

Study Links Student Mentors provide consistent pastoral care, enabling student to reach their academic and personal potential. We monitor our student development closely, contacting them and school staff regularly to check on their progress. By respecting our students and treating them as young adults we nurture close relationships with them, and install in them the self-confidence that they need to face any challenges in their life whilst they are under our care.

What if you don’t need this service?

If this service is more care and support than you require, you may prefer one of our other guardianship packages.

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