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Applying for guardianship

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Term 1: 2nd Exeat Accommodation:

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Term 2: Arrival Transport:

Term 2: 1st Exeat Transport:

Term 2: 1st Exeat Accommodation:

Term 2: February Half Term Transport:

Term 2: February Half Term Accommodation:

Term 2: 2nd Exeat Transport:

Term 2: 2nd Exeat Accommodation:

Term 2: Departure Transport:

Term 3: Arrival Transport:

Term 3: 1st Exeat Transport:

Term 3: 1st Exeat Accommodation:

Term 3: May Half Term Transport:

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  • I / We request the above-named student be registered with Study Links.
  • I / We understand that Study Links may obtain, process and hold personal data about me / us for the purposes of processing the application, in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations.
  • I / We understand that submitting this Application Form does not constitute an offer of guardianship services by Study Links. Study Links will review the application before confirming the terms of the registration.

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