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Some students may find that even though they are totally independent and actually require no additional care whatsoever, they still require a guardian in case of an emergency. For such students we offer our First Response Guardianship package. This is our dedicated promise to help you in case of an emergency.

Although you may think you don’t need a guardian while you are studying in the UK, in life things don’t always go according to plan. Unexpected and difficult situations can arise where immediate help is required. In such times, you may not be able to wait for the help of an overseas friend or family member.

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Is the First Response Guardianship package right for me? 

The Study Links First Response Guardianship package is a fast and efficient service, run by our dedicated, professional staff who are only a phone call away, 24 hours a day.

As a First Response Guardianship student we will not visit you, nor will we make arrangements for you or follow your academic progress. However, we are here to give you and your parents complete peace of mind, ready to act in an emergency if you ever need us.

This package is not suitable for everyone but it is appropriate for students who require a guardian only in cases of emergency such as students taking Foundation Courses at University. It is also suitable for some independent school students. For example, students from the EU who go home for every holiday and thus haven’t previously required a guardian but do so now because of changes in school policy. Contact us for more details on First Response Guardianship for School students.

There is no age restriction on this service, and so it works well for mature students who do not have a friend or family member in the UK to use as an emergency contact.

What it includes

  • Study Links are only available to provide emergency care.  In case of an emergency, your parents will be invoiced separately.
  • You, and/or your parents must arrange all transport
  • Study Links do NOT provide any academic support
  • Study Links do NOT provide any pastoral support
  • Your parents must be comfortable dealing/communicating with the school direct for every-day communication.


  • £175 for one term
  • £50 registration fee

If you are not sure if the First Response Guardianship package is right for you, please do not hesitate to contact us and find out more.

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