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At Study Links, we pride ourselves on assisting international students during their time in the UK.

Our team are highly experienced in the education and care of international students.  We help students understand the unique expectations of the UK education system so that they can succeed.

With our support your child will build confidence to overcome challenges.  In emergencies, you can rely on us to act quickly on your behalf, always doing what is most beneficial for your child.

We consider ourselves an extension of your family whilst your child is in the UK, and hopefully for many years to come.

 How to choose a guardianship package

The level of care that  families choose depends on many factors, including:

  • Student’s experience of the UK
  • Student’s age, level of independence and maturity
  • Parent’s level of English
  • Student’s understanding of English, and ability/willingness to speak it
We offer different levels of guardianship packages for international students:

  • Elite Guardianship
  • Classic Guardianship
  • Limited Guardianship (suitable for EU, HK, Macau students only)
  • First Response Guardianship (suitable for EU students only)

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Elite Guardianship

This is our VIP package.

The Elite guardianship package is recommended for families looking for a ‘home-away-from-home’ care package, where Study Links become the extension of your own family.   Our close relationship with both your child and your family means we can deliver a level of care that is more personal and effective.

Elite guardianship offers you the very best care. We monitor your child’s academic and personal development closely and contact school staff regularly to check on their progress. We will build a relationship with your child, and instil self-confidence in them so they can face any challenges in life.  This consistent care enables you to reach your full academic and personal potential.

We recommend Elite guardianship for you if your child is new to the UK, if your child is nervous about studying in the UK, not yet confident with using their English, and/or may require extra attention.  Many parents choose Elite guardianship simply because they want the very best level of care for their child.

We get to know your child before they come to the UK so that they are fully prepared

  • We regularly contact your child throughout the academic year to help with their concerns
  • We advise and assist parents with special concerns, drawing on our vast bank of knowledge about education in the UK and our wealth of experience caring for international students in the UK.
  • We act on behalf of parents when liaising with school.
  • We advise on your child’s choice of academic subjects, as well as study and life in the UK.
  • We send a termly academic and pastoral report to parents.
  • We organise homestay accommodation for half terms, leave weekends and in emergencies.
  • We organise transport to and from homestay accommodation and airports.
  • We can arrange private tuition for if required.
  • We arrange flights and travel within the UK for students if required.
  • We arrange a termly local outing for your child so they can experience more of the UK. Outings typically include: sports, karaoke, eating out, cinema visits, barbeques, or local sightseeing.

Cost per year £5,450 including taxes

Classic Guardianship

The Classic package is recommended for families who want to benefit from Study Links’ expertise in education to help their child reach their full academic potential.  Children with this level of guardianship are mature, independent, and experienced in the UK, so they do not require Study Links’ pastoral guidance.

  • We will visit your child at school once per term
  • We will act on behalf of your parents in an emergency.
  • We will advise you on choices of academic subjects and study in the UK.
  • We will attend all parents’ evenings and send an academic report to your parents.
  • We will organise your accommodation for half terms, leave weekends and emergency situations.
  • We organise transport to and from homestay accommodation and airports.

Cost per year £2,650 including taxes

Limited Guardianship

The Limited package is recommended for parents who are confident in communicating directly with school for all academic and pastoral issues.  Their child is mature and integrated in the UK, so they do not require Study Link’s guidance for academic or pastoral issues.
  • We will visit your child shortly after arrival
  • We act on behalf of parents in an emergency.
  • We will organise homestay accommodation for half terms, leave weekends and emergency situations.
  • We organise transport to and from homestay accommodation and airports.

Cost per year £1,150 including taxes

First Response Guardianship

The First Response package is recommended for students attending university, or EU school students and their families who require no assistance except for in an emergency (e.g. hospitalisation / cancelled flights).

With this package, Study Links will not follow the child’s progress or contact the child or parents. We will however be available in an emergency when we will act on behalf of parents as required.

  • We will act on behalf of parents in an emergency.
  • We will organise homestay accommodation and transport in emergency situations.
  • We will not visit students
  • We will not arrange routine homestay accommodation or transport (e.g. for half terms or leave weekends.)
  • We will not handle routine school correspondance (e.g. medical / permission letters)

Cost per term £175 including taxes 

If none of these packages seem quite right for you, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

 How to choose a Payment Option

Option 1: Fixed Pricing

Do you know your plans for all half term holidays?
If yes, you can benefit from choosing the ‘Fixed Price’ payment option.

BENEFITS OF Fixed Price Payment Option are:

  • Priority of homestays as your homestay booking requests are processed first
  • If there is no homestay in the local area to meet your requirements, there is no additional transport fee for extra journey time to a homestay outside of the area, because Study Links will honour your fixed price.
  • There will be no additional costs for the year unless you request them, so you know the full costs you will have for the year and you can budget easier
  • For your convenience, on the rare occasions you incur unexpected expenses (e.g. emergency homestay/transport), we can deduct them from your Emergency Funds or invoice you at the time if there are insufficient funds.

Fixed Price T&Cs:

  • To cover expenses in an emergency, a minimum of £300 in an Emergency Account held with Study Links is required with this payment option.
    • If emergency funds are used, your Emergency Account needs immediately topping up to £300.
    • If you anticipate your child will need more regular expenses, then you can increase the amount in your Emergency Account for your convenience.
  • Any homestay cancellation must be received within the first week of term.  Dates vary per year and will be confirmed during guardianship registration.
Option 2: Expenses Account

If you are undecided about the half-term plans for your child, then you can open an Expenses Account with Study Links.

Expenses Account: £1500

  • Schools usually need confirmation of your confirmed holiday plan at least 2 weeks before the holiday begins. We therefore recommend decisions are made earlier, to avoid conflict with the school, and disappointment with homestay availability and costs of transport.
  • We will always aim to place your child in a homestay within the local area. This will not always be possible due to homestay preferences and availability.
    • Please note that you may not get your preferred homestay as students under the Fixed Price Plan will be allocated first.
    • Please note that if the homestay is outside of the local area, then the transport costs may be more expensive than the Fixed Price Plan.
  • Full details of all expenses incurred during the term are provided to the parents and/or agent, at the end of each term.

Expenses Account T&C’s:

  • The account must be topped up to £1500 at the end of each term
  • If the expenses account falls below £300 during the term, parents will be asked to top-up the account immediately.
  • For your convenience, if you expect that you will require more expenses, you can increase the Expenses Account at the beginning of guardianship so that you do not need to make as regular payments.
  • Once a homestay request has been received by Study Links from parents, the booking is considered final and the amount will be deducted from your expenses account.

Typical expenses that parents request include:

Extra long-holiday guardianship
Extra homestay and transport
Extra guardian visit
Pocket money
Mobile phone top-up
School uniform
Birthday cakes
Private tuition

T&C’s for all Payment Options:

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