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Our State School Programme is suitable for you if you have a UK or EU passport and are eligible for state education in the UK. This is an economical way for eligible students to access the excellent British education system, perfect their English and learn about the vibrant British culture. State schools only accept limited numbers of international students, so students on the State School Programme will be very much immersed in the British lifestyle.

Our State School Programme includes a free application service; we can find you a school as well as providing homestay and guardianship once you are in the UK. We work with a select group of UK state schools that have good academic results and are keen to welcome international students into their community. We are very experienced in applying to state schools on behalf of international students; we will place you in the most appropriate school, taking into account your needs and preferences. We have a very high success rate.

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Is the State School Programme right for me?

The UK state school experience isn’t right for every international student. Unlike independent schools, who are usually very experienced in teaching international students, most UK state schools do not offer English classes or a great deal of focused support for international students. They will make you very welcome, but you must be prepared to potentially be the only foreign student at that school. We would only recommend this programme for you if:

  • You have a very good grasp of English
  • You are very independent and confident
  • You are 100% sure that you want to come to the UK to study

There are very few state boarding schools in the UK. It is normal for international students who attend UK state schools to live with a homestay full time.  

If you wish to attend a state school in the UK you must be willing to become an integral part of your homestay family whilst you are living in the UK.

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If you are not sure whether the State School Programme is for you, contact us and we will advise you further .

What’s included?

Guardianship, homestay and transport

  • We visit you at school shortly after you first arrive to ensure that you are settling in. We then visit you once a term and maintain regular contact with you to ensure that you achieve your full potential.
  • We follow your academic development and keep your family informed of your progress with a termly formal report.
  • We will place you with a friendly and caring homestay You will live with your homestay during term time and holidays so it’s important for us to get it right. All our hosts are DBS checked and their homes are visited to ensure excellent quality.
  • Our emergency phone line is available at all times. We always respond quickly in an emergency and work with you, your parents and your school to find the best solution.
  • We provide four UK airport transfers each year from the nearest airport to your homestay. We transport you from ‘door to door’ ensuring that you arrive safely at each destination.

Costs per year for 2015/16 and 2016/17 (including all homestay and airport transport costs)

Year 7 to 11 State School Programme: £9,700 per year

Sixth Form State School Programme: £9,200 per year

Please Note: Christmas holiday homestay, summer holiday homestay, school lunches, uniform, local transport and examination fees are not included in the above costs.

How do I apply?

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Interested in being a homestay? Request a call.