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Guest Blog: Vivian’s Work Experience

During my Easter holidays I embarked on my first voluntary work experience at the local OXFAM charity shop. I can still remember the first day, feeling anxious and confused as I had no idea what to expect nor what I would be doing. However, as soon as I arrived and met all the staff I quickly realised how friendly and helpful they all were, especially Jan who is the store manager.

Jan had made it her duty to teach me all the roles I needed to in order to fulfill my duties. She taught me how to use the lift system, which is used to send all the donated items around the building, how to iron the clothes, set the prices for each item and finally place them in the correct department waiting to be sold.

My whole experience of volunteering at OXFAM only lasted two weeks but I managed to learn and gained so much from it. I was fortunate enough to work in various departments and work different roles throughout my stay which really benefited me. This gave me a clear understanding of how the store operates and how OXFAM process all their donations as well as meeting customers face to face.

Throughout the two weeks of my work experience I received nothing but help and commitment from all the staff. I learned so many new skills that will help me develop myself; the fact that each staff understood I was a foreign student really made me feel at home as they all tried their best to help me improve my English.

This was such a great experience for Vivian.  She has gained and learned so much more than she thought I could in such a short amount of time. For any student looking or thinking of applying for a work experience job and want to enhance their skills then do it.  This type of experience helps improve language skills, and is attractive for future employers.

Vivian. HE (Right of the picture)

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