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Homestay Success for Ukrainian student

Matching our students with the right homestay – a family we think they’ll feel comfortable with and where they will be encouraged to speak English and experience UK life – is a key part of our role as guardian.

We believe that by living in homestay:

  • students can improve their English which will help them succeed in their studies
  • an encouraging homestay family can help students build their confidence, and
  • living in an authentic British home gives students a totally different UK experience compared to living in boarding school, which will prepare them for life in the future.


This year especially, feeling safe and comfortable in homestay due to Covid-19 restrictions, has been very important.


We arranged for Kristina, one of our Ukrainian students at St Peter’s School in York, to stay with one of our homestays called Liz for her first exeat weekend.

Here’s the feedback from both families about the experience:

The homestay said “Kristina has been a lovely house guest and has been studying very hard.  ?”

Kristina’s mum said… “Kristina speaks very warmly of you and your lovely home, the cats and the delicious food you prepared for Kristina. The whole family are really appreciative of your care, love and support to Kristina during this difficult time!
We are grateful and we will be glad to see you in Kiev if you want to visit”.

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