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Apply to be a homestay

From start to finish the whole process of becoming registered as a Study Links homestay can take between 2 weeks to 2 months. This depends on several factors including how long it takes the Disclosure and Barring service to process paperwork and whether you filled in the paperwork correctly when you apply to become a homestay. To ensure that you do not hold up any part of the process, please ensure that you follow the below steps as closely as possible.

Study Links homestay - Apply
The first step is to apply to be a homestay by filling in the homestay application/information form.

Please read the form very carefully and ensure that you meet all of the compulsory requirements. To summarise, these are:

1. All members of the household under the age of 16 must undertake a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check.
2. All homestay are required to have a lock on their bathroom door, smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector. You cannot become a homestay if these are not present in your home.
3. Whilst not compulsory, it is highly preferable for homestay to have a blind on their bathroom window. If you do not have a blind, you must ensure that your bathroom window is private (e.g. frosted glass or a skylight). Please note that if you don’t have a blind, we will need to inform students and this may cause them to refuse you as a homestay.

Click here to download the homestay application/information form.

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Study Links homestay Application processed
Once we receive your completed form, we will process your application. This includes requesting references from your named referees and posting DBS forms to you for all members of your household aged 16 and over to fill in. Please ensure that you read all the instructions and fill in the form correctly as missing or incorrect information will hold up the process significantly.

Applying to be a Study Links homestay - Visit
A Study Links representative will visit you at your home at an agreed date and time. They will need to see the students’ room(s) and any shared spaces which the students will have access to. They will take pictures of your home which will become part of your homestay profile. Your homestay profile will be sent to students and their parents so that they can find out more about you before their stay. Before the visit, please ensure:

  1. Every member of the household 16 years of age and over has filled out a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) form and checked that it has been filled out correctly.
  2. Each person who has filled out a DBS form has provided 3 forms of ID.

Applying to be a Study Links homestay - DBS form processed
Once we are satisfied that all of the paperwork has been filled in correctly and everyone’s ID has been checked, we will send the completed DBS forms to AEGIS (a guardianship association that we are a member of) who will process the forms on behalf of the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). It usually takes around 1-2 weeks to get your DBS check back. The time taken depends on:

  • whether the form has been filled in correctly and whether all the details are correct
  • what police forces need to be involved in the check
  • how busy the DBS Service is at the time

Applying to be a Study Links homestay - DBS certificates issued
All members of your household will be issued with a DBS certificate. As soon as you receive your certificate, you must register it with the DBS Service ‘update service’ and then send the original certificates to Study Links so that we can check them. We can only check the original certificate, we cannot accept photocopies or scans. Once your certificates have been checked, we will return them to you.

Applying to be a Study Links homestay - Application is sucessful or rejected
Providing everything is OK with your DBS certificates and all compulsory requirements have been met, we will contact you to say that you have been accepted and you are now ready to host students!

Interested in being a homestay? Request a call.