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Short and long term homestay

Study Links have a large network of wonderful homestays, covering the whole of the UK. For more information on what it is like to live with a Study Links homestay, click here. We also have information on what it is like to be a Study Links homestay, here.

If you are a boarding school student, you may require short term homestay whilst you are on half term and exeat weekends. You may also require short term homestay for emergency reasons or if you would like to experience a homestay whilst you are visiting the UK for an extra holiday.

Alternatively, if you are a day boarder or university/language school student, you will need to stay with a homestay full time – from 1 month up to several years – depending on the length of your course. We consider these long term homestays.

We also arrange short term homestays for family members who are visiting and groups who come to the UK for summer schools, short courses, taster/immersion courses and study tours.

Whatever your homestay request, we can help.

If you would like to know more about Study Links’ homestay services, please contact us with your requirements.

Homestay— Short and long term homestay 1000w

Interested in being a homestay? Request a call.