The Homestay Experience

Being a homestay may be new to you, but the experience can be rewarding, memorable and one that you’ll never forget. Here’s what to expect when you become a Homestay family with Study Links.


An extended family for international students

It can be challenging for students to be away from home for an extended period of time – especially when it’s thousands of miles and a sharp change of language and culture. Our homestays are instrumental in creating a welcoming, nurturing environment in which our students flourish.

They do this in a number of ways; from something as simple as sharing language and building conversational English skills with their students, to going on cultural trips either locally or around the UK to show their students different parts of life in the UK. The routine of the every-day home environment can also be comforting to students – family meals, BBQs, movie nights – all of these activities reinforce the feeling of home away from home, that we want our students to experience during their stay.

When you host an international student, it is up to you how to build that environment. You’ll most likely find that the students you host will have similar interests to your own. This is due to our rigorous application process which gathers information to make sure we can set up good matches between our homestays and our students.


How involved are students in homestay’s daily lives?

As we mention above, being a homestay is all about providing a space for students to feel as at home as possible during their time here. We recommend that students eat meals with homestay families and join in on activities at weekends or evenings.

Hosted students will have their own circle of friends too – either peers from their own country and educational establishment, or new friends made during their studies here and will likely have evenings out and day trips with outside of the homestay situation.


What are a homestay’s responsibilities?

As a Study Links homestay, your main responsibility is to give your hosted student a positive and happy experience whilst they study here. On a practical level, our homestays provide clean bedding for the students they host and up to three meals a day, paid for by a stipend supplied by Study Links.

Many of our students return to the same homestays and a natural and strong bond develops during the period of their studies because the experience has been rich and rewarding – for both homestays and students. We know you may have additional questions, so have created a dedicated FAQ section here which covers a range of queries and scenarios. For anything else you feel isn’t answered above or on the FAQs, do give the Homestay team a call on 01274 679710

Interested in being a homestay? Request a call.