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Improving your English is the key to success

Brian is from Hong Kong and joined the school in Sep 2019.

When we visited Brian at Stonyhurst College this year he was happier than ever before.

He had spent his time improving his English, and it has been worth it!



Every year many international students struggle to make friends and they struggle in their lessons.   It is normal.

Our advice is always the same….  focus on improving your English!


When studying abroad the key element is the ability to communicate:

  • With good English you can more easily talk to new people and make friends.
  • More friends reduces homesickness and means you enjoy your time in the UK.
  • Improved English means improved grades in all subjects.


If you have any concerns about your English progress, contact us.

Study Links have qualified teachers available to assist students with their academic concerns.

Our Guardianship Lead, Zoe Pilling, is a former University of Leeds English lecturer and regularly provides conversation classes for our international students to improve their English.


Brian says he now has “loads” of friends.  He has improved his English so he is doing better in all of his subjects.  He can now also help others with their English.

He is positive about the year ahead, and he is confident he can succeed.


Brian, you deserve to be proud of yourself for the progress you’ve made and your excellent study-abroad attiitude.

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