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Letter from the UK government welcoming international students

Study Links are pleased to bring to your attention a letter from the UK Government’s Department for International Trade.

The key points are:

  • The UK government welcomes international students
  • The UK government are keeping up to date with scientific guidance and advice to ensure student safety
  • Parents can be reassured that independent schools in the UK are taking many steps to ensure the safety of international students
  • Students and parents are reminded that the UK’s National Health Service is available at no extra cost, for international students for medical emergencies
  • Many independent schools are following the BSA’s (Boarding School Association) Covid-Safe Charter (please see our separate blog for more details)
  • They acknolwedgment that cultural exchange for international students and UK students is extremely important to help ‘build life-long friendships, as well as laying the foundations for future networks, and important business, policial and diplomatic bridges’.
  • The UK’s famous education sector is supported by the UK government and will recover from Covid-19.


Please find the full letter here: Letter to International School Students and Parents


If you have any concerns about the UK government’s letter, or an individual school’s approach to the safe return of international students, please contact Study Links.  We work very closely with schools across the UK.

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