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Our guardianship support is for the whole family

“Thank you for your guidance and encouragement 🙏 “

We were touched today to receive this message from a parent we’ve been working closely with.

We’ve been helping this family keep their child engaged with remote learning.  As many parents will be able to relate to, maintaining motivation to study can be a challenge even during normal times, but especially during this period of isolation due to Covid-19.  Lack of motivation can lead to poor behaviour causing other problems.

Each family’s situation is unique.  This family’s 13 year old child was finding the motivation to study challenging because there are so many distractions: keeping abreast of things in the media that is important to their identity, online gaming, catching up with friends that they can’t see face to face.  Access to the resources needed is not always easy either – how can you do an art project if you do not have the materials? On top of this, trying to fit their overseas daily schedule around the UK timetabling adds another challenge so finding the motivation to study is tough.

The parent-child relationship can be a struggle, and accepting help is often a difficult but brave thing to do.  It is our privilege to share our 30 years’ experience of guardianship, to make parenting a little bit easier whenever we can.

By working together with this child, parents, and teachers, we have helped them find a workable solution to the key issues they’re facing and bring more harmony to the home.

This short message of thanks reminds us that as guardian, our role is to support our students AND their families.

We have always seen ourselves as an extension of our clients’ families.  Thankfully, as a family business, ‘family‘ really is at the heart of everything we do.


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