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Quarantine before school begins

On 14th August we began welcoming international students back to the UK. Our Scottish students always start their term in August, but this year the early start for many students is due to the Covid-19 quarantine requirements imposed by the UK government. Quarantine is for 14 days before students can join lessons at school.

Study Links are delighted to welcome returning and new students.

Sending their children to study overseas when there is a worldwide pandemic has not been an easy decision for any of our international families. We have had many lengthy conversations to understand each family’s situation and concerns, working with them to ensure the right solution is found.

Such an unusual start to the academic year means we are more excited than usual to say “Welcome to the UK!”

The majority of students are allowed to quarantine at their school. We have been working closely with many schools to plan a safe and suitable quarantine environment for international students.

Some students have preferred to quarantine in the comfort of a Study Links homestay family. It is our pleasure to host these students.

To our students’ parents: We value your trust in us, our homestays and transport companies, our partner schools, and indeed the wider UK community, to keep your children safe.

To our students:
Wherever you are quarantining, we wish you a safe and enjoyable 2 weeks before the new academic term begins. For those heading straight to school without the need for quarantine, we wish you an equally good start to your academic year!

We have missed you.

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