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Problem in your homestay?

When you return home, you should have happy memories of living with your homestay, and you will have an interesting new perspective on UK family life.


When you first arrive at homestay, it is normal to feel a little unsure, confused or frustrated.  You are adjusting to living in a new homestay family.

Your homestay will cook foods that are new and strange to you, therefore there will be different smells in the home, and your homestay will have a different dynamic to your own home.  This is all normal.

Study Links suggest spending at least 1 week with your new homestay family, learning to adjust to this new way of living.  Soon the food will be okay, the smells more familiar, and you and the homestay will learn how to live with each other comfortably and happily.



1) Speak to your homestay
They want you to be happy, and have lots of experience explaining about UK culture and home life.


2) Still have a problem? Contact Study Links below
Most problems are cultural misunderstandings.  Once explained, the problem is resolved.
We have 20 years of experience helping students adjust to homestay life.  Talk to us.


Homestay Concern - Tell us more

What are you concerned about? Tell us as much information as possible. We need full, honest feedback so that we can properly help. We may need to ask you a few more questions to fully understand your concerns. This is normal. We can then provide you with the best solution.
  • Your homestay will want to understand how to make you feel comfortable in their home. Please provide as much information as possible. We can then properly advise.
  • A picture paints a thousand words. If it's easier to show us than to explain in English, please upload a photo.




If you have a serious problem call the emergency number: 07884 101679.



Interested in being a homestay? Request a call.