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Is it safe for international students to study in the UK after the Paris attack?

Recently, we have been asked if it is safe for international students to study in the UK after the Paris attack in November 2015? It most definitely is safe for international students to study in the UK.

Schools, colleges and university campuses in the UK are exceptionally safe places. Schools are very secure, many have electronic safety gates, security guards and other measures to ensure that pupils are safe at all times. As well as taking health and safety precautions, staff have a duty under the common law to take care of pupils in the same way that a prudent parent would do so. Pupils are monitored by school staff, all of whom have been DBS checked (police checked) and who have taken various child safeguarding courses. It would be very difficult for a terrorist to get into a school in the UK.

To put the Paris attacks into perspective, Greater Paris has a population of about 12 million people. The terrorist attacks in November 2015 killed 129 people in Paris, or 0.00001075% of the population of Greater Paris.

Everywhere you go there is a very small risk of something terrible happening to you. This could be terrorism, crime, violence, severe weather, travel incidents, rabid dog bites, deadly spider bites, and on and on. The solution is to carry on, do what you want to do, live your life fully and do not worry about the minute risk that something might happen to you.

In summary, do not succumb to fear. Live your life and achieve your goals. Do not let the threat of terrorism stop you from living your life and making your dreams come true. Terrorists want you to be afraid but the actual chances of something happening to you or your loved ones are very small. You are as safe — or safer — in the UK as you are anywhere else in the world, particularly in a school, university or college.

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