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School Exchange: Heathfield Prep School (UK) – Yinxing Primary School (China)

Study Links is delighted to have facilitated the successful twinning of Yinxing Primary School in China with Heathfield Prep School in Yorkshire.


The official twinning ceremony was held online between the two schools.

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, Zoom has become familiar to people all over the world and the online ceremony seemed very natural and was enjoyed by all.

The pupils and teachers from both schools are eagerly looking forward to sharing online activities together and experiencing the education system in each other’s countries.


The two schools are thousands of miles apart, and the difference in culture and curriculum will be abundant resources to both schools. We can exchange culture, ideas and practices, which will help children learn to understand and appreciate cross-cultural learning, and explore more possibilities together.

– Yinxing Primary School


Modern technology coupled with the vision and courage of education professionals willing to try something new really can enhance children’s experience of the world and enable  them to learn what it is like to study in a school in a faraway country with a very different culture and history.

We look forward to the first exchange activity in June!

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