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The role of a guardian in a medical emergency

We have supported hundreds of students in a medical emergency.

By providing you with real life examples you can see how we will use our expertise to fully support your child.


Sam (aged 15) contacted Study Links because he was suffering with stomach problems. We organised for him to visit his school doctor and kept parents updated about his illness and monitoring. At 9pm, we received a phone call, Sam had deteriorated and school were taking him to hospital. We immediately updated Sam’s parents and explained what to expect. The hospital insisted that an adult stayed with Sam until he was discharged.

One of our team immediately set off to the hospital and stayed with Sam for 3 days. We regularly kept Sam’s parents updated in their native language, translated medical updates and ensured that the school was passed any relevant information. Sam was discharged from hospital and advised to rest. As Schools do not allow students to return to school until they are healthy again, we organised a suitable homestay family to look after Sam and one of our drivers drove Sam from the hospital to his homestay.

After 2 days in Study Links homestay, Sam was ready to return to school. We informed school that Sam would be returning, organised one of our drivers to take Sam to school, arranged for a school staff member to greet Sam on arrival and kept Sam’s parents updated.

As Sam’s guardian, Study Links regularly check-in with Sam (not just) about his health as a precaution.

Are you choosing a guardian?

Ensure that whoever is the guardian of your child understands the role, responsibility and is prepared to step in for emergency medical and other situations.

If you feel in any doubt that your chosen guardian could not respond quickly to an emergency situation, for peace of mind, choose a professional guardian such as Study Links who are reliable and responsible.

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