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What happens when a flight is cancelled

We have supported hundreds of students with delayed and cancelled flights.

By providing you with real life examples you can see how we will use our expertise to fully support our international students.



Aged 14, Anne was travelling to the UK for the first time.  Her connecting flight from France to Manchester was cancelled. She contacted Study Links, unsure of what to do.

We encouraged her to practice speaking to the airline staff to confirm the next available flight.   Anne tried her best but struggled to fully understand the airline staff, so Study Links assisted and confirmed the details directly: she would catch a later flight that would land in the UK at 10pm.  She would arrive at school at approximately 1am.

Some schools cannot accommodate early morning arrivals, so we were prepared to arrange one night’s homestay.  However, we requested that school accept Anne’s late arrival, and they agreed.

We then rearranged her airport transfer so that she wouldn’t incur any additional charges, and we updated Anne, her parents and her school of the new arrangements.

We continued to keep in touch with Anne and her parents until she arrived safely at school.

Are you choosing a guardian?

Ensure that whoever is the guardian of your child understands the role, responsibility and is prepared to step in for emergency logistical and other situations.

If you feel in any doubt that your chosen guardian could not respond quickly to an emergency situation, for peace of mind, choose a professional guardian such as Study Links who are reliable and responsible.

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