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Will international students studying in the UK be offered the Covid-19 vaccination?

Currently all adults 18 years old and over in the UK have been invited for the Covid-19 vaccination.


The UK government has not yet made a decision on when under 18’s will be offered the vaccine. The UK Government are not expected to make this decision soon. When they do announce their decision, we will keep our guardianship clients updated.


Last year, the UK government assured us that international students would be treated the same as British students, and therefore would be permitted to have the vaccine if it becomes available to that age group.


How to book a vaccination?

Please wait for your school to issue instructions about how to book the vaccination appointment, because we expect most school will arrange this through the normal school medical immunisation process. Of course, if you have the opportunity to have the vaccine while on holiday in your home country there is no need to wait for the UK vaccine.


Keep updated

The most up-to-date UK vaccination information can be found on the official NHS website:


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