FAQ for course applications

How do I apply for school/ college/ university in the UK?

You can email your enquiry to the Applications department. They can be contacted by email ([email protected]) or by telephone during office hours + 44 (0) 1274 679710

We will need the following details to begin the process:

  • If known, the names of the institution(s) you wish to apply to
  • Details on what you would like from an institution e.g. good sports facilities, top ranking school, school in the north of England, extra tuition etc.
  • Your full name
  • Your date of birth
  • A copy of your passport
  • Your last two school reports
  • Copies of any exam certificates you have
  • Also if you do have any certificates for extracurricular activities these could be included, for example, Piano/Music grades or anything you feel would enhance your application.

What will the Applications department do after they receive my enquiry?

We will acknowledge your enquiry and we may ask you some more questions so we can help you to decide which schools to apply to. We will then send you the correct application form(s) to fill out. We will also inform you how much the registration fee is that the school charge.

How much does the application service cost?

Our application service is free of charge however you will need to pay any registration fees that school charge. We can invoice you and then pay these on your behalf if you prefer.

Why do I need to pay a registration fee to School?

Each institution charges a fee for the administration work they do for each application they receive. The fee differs from institution to institution. We will inform you what the registration fee is for the institution you wish to apply to.

Why does the school want to see my reports and certificates?

They would like to know what level you are at in each subject, especially English.

Why does having extracurricular certificates help my application?

Institutions like to see that you have a talent and are a well-rounded individual. This could be a sport, a musical talent, or an academic talent. Having a special talent or interest makes you stand out from other students applying and in some cases, could make you eligible for a scholarship.

How will Study Links help me apply to the right institutions?

We look at a number of factors, including:

  • What your interests are
  • How academic you are
  • How confident you are
  • How independent you are
  • What your future aspirations are
  • And most importantly, what subjects you would like to study

Each institution is different and can offer you different options in the lessons and extracurricular activities.  Certain institutions specialise in certain subjects such as sport, for example.

Can you help me apply to a specific institution upon request?

Yes. If there is a specific institution you wish to apply to, we can help.

How will I know if I am offered a place?

The institution will send us an offer letter which we will send to you. We keep in close contact with you throughout the application process and as soon as there is any news we will let you know.

What if I don’t get into any of the places I applied to?

We understand that it can be disappointing if your first choice application is unsuccessful, but we are here to support you and we will help you. This may mean changing your plans slightly and looking at some different institutions. Each case is different.

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