FAQ for guardianship students and parents

Why do I need a guardian?

British schools require their overseas pupils to have a guardian resident in the UK

I don’t want a guardian.

Most UK schools insist that an overseas student has a guardian even if you don’t want a guardian, are very mature or over 18 years old. No matter what your age, maturity, intelligence or experience, people need help from time to time. We are here for those emergencies.

Can my friend/family be my guardian?

A guardian must be available 24/7 in case of an emergency. They need to know how to handle the emergency, be available to visit and provide safe accommodation. For day-to-day care, they need to work with the school and offer suitable academic and pastoral advice.

Friends and relatives may not always be available when you need them – they may go on holiday, or are working away.   They may not be familiar with your school or have the experience to advise you properly.

Who is my guardian?

Study Links International Ltd will be your guardian.

During term time, the school has responsibility for your day-to-day care, and your academic and social development.

During holidays, your homestay has responsibility for your day-to-day care.

However, if there is a problem at school or at your homestay, your guardian will provide 24 hour emergency care.

On paper, the official guardian is Angela Fan – the director of Study Links. In reality, the whole team at Study Links work together to guard your health, happiness and progress.

Can Study Links be guardian for any student, anywhere?

Yes. Study Links is based in the north of England but provides guardianship for students all over the UK.

We believe every student deserves the best guardianship care, so Study Links provide guardianship for any students who wants our help.

How often will I meet my guardian?

You can choose. Each level of guardianship includes a different number of visits (the higher the service, the more visits). When you choose your level of guardianship, you choose how many times you want us to meet you. If you want more visits, just ask.

How often will you telephone / email / text me?

You can choose. The higher the level of guardianship you choose, the more regular the contact. If you want us to contact you more, just get in touch!

How will my parents know if I am okay?

If you have chosen Full or Standard guardianship, then we will keep your parents informed of your academic and pastoral development.

Will you go to my Parents’ evenings?

If you have chosen Full or Standard guardianship, then we will go to your Parents’ Evenings.

How much pocket money can I have?

Your school will advise your parents about how much pocket money you should have. It is not safe to keep lots of money in your bedroom. If you have pocket money, your school or Study Links can help keep this safe.

Can I go home early?

No. You should always travel on the travel dates decided by school. Even though plane tickets may be cheaper at other times, if you leave early you will create problems for the school staff and other children at the school. You will also miss important lessons.

What happens if I am naughty and school asks me to leave?

Hopefully you are a very good student! But if you seriously mis-behave (bullying, smoking, drinking alcohol, taking or selling illegal drugs or breaking many school rules), you may be asked to leave school for days or weeks.

How we help:

  1. We will arrange homestay accommodation and transport from school
  2. We will work with school to resolve the situation
  3. We will keep you and your parents updated about the situation
  4. If the school do not want you to return, we will help you apply to a different school or return home.

What happens in an emergency?

Don’t worry. You, your parents, your school staff and your homestay are provided with our emergency contact details. We will handle the emergency and keep everybody updated.

Where will I live during the school holidays?

You will live with a homestay family that we think you will like!

If you want to stay somewhere else, just let us know.

How do you choose your homestays?

Over 50% of our homestays work with us because a friend recommended being a Study Links homestay.

This is how we check if the homestay is good enough for our students:

  1. Homestays complete an application form
  2. We check if they meet our minimum standards
  3. We speak to them on the phone and have a telephone interview
  4. They complete a police check (DBS check) to make sure they’re safe to live with
  5. We ask for two professional references
  6. We visit the family at their home, to interview them in person and inspect their home

If they pass ALL of the above, then they become a Study Links homestay. But it does not stop there!

  1. Every holiday we ask you what you thought of the homestay
  2. Every year we visit the homestay again to make sure they still meet our requirements

Will I be the only student in my homestay?

Usually you will be with another student so that you are not alone! If you prefer to be on your own, let us know.

What school/uni should I go to?

Study Links can help advise on school/uni choices and applications. Click here for help.

Will I like studying in the UK?

If you are friendly to people, join in activities, try to speak English and make English friends, you will enjoy studying in the UK.

Boarding schools in the UK are renowned for the excellent support and care of their students so don’t worry if you are unhappy at the beginning – it is natural!

Universities in the UK are famous through the world. There is something for everyone.

If you are not happy, Study Links are here to help you. We have lots of experience helping students settle in.

Interested in being a homestay? Request a call.