Schools, colleges and universities

Study Links have excellent working relationships with schools, colleges and universities across the UK. If a student is having problems, they may find it difficult to talk to a teacher, house parent or peer. We regularly visit and contact our students and their families, building a relationship that the student can rely on in a time of need. During school holidays, institutions know that they can trust us to make careful, safe arrangements for students, relieving school staff of this responsibility.

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Why we partner with schools, colleges and universities

Our role as guardian is to ensure that every student is happy, healthy and progressing well during their time in the UK. We can only do this by working closely with the institutions that our students study at.

Through this work, we have been approached to offer other related services. We have therefore expanded our offering to educational institutions.

Work with Study Links

For more information on how to get involved, contact us.

What we do for Schools

  • Provide guardianship for students
  • Provide emergency guardianship for schools.
  • Help students apply to appropriate institutions
  • Market schools, colleges and universities to our valued agents
  • Help schools, colleges and universities recruit students from markets that we know well
  • Bring our skills to the table – we have 21 years experience with the international student market
  • Provide long term homestay accommodation (e.g. for day students/ schools with no boarding)

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Interested in being a homestay? Request a call.